Shelagh Malham

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Shelagh Malham is a Research Lecturer at Bangor University and specializes in human pathogen behaviour in estuarine and marine systems. She is the PI on projects funded by the EU (Interreg-SUSFISH on sustainable fisheries), Welsh Water (Pathogenic viral behaviour in the coastal zone), European Fisheries Fund (viral and bacterial contamination of shellfish), NERC Macronutrients (Turf-2-Surf, WP leader on microbial water contamination) and UKWIR (Viral detection and survival in coastal waters). She recently led a 2-year KTP project on microbial pollution and mitigation in the Conwy estuary involving local authorities and a wide array of stakeholders. She is a scientific advisor for the Shellfish Association of Great Britain and interacts regularly with EU DG-MARE and DG-SANCO on policy issues relating to the microbial contamination of coastal waters.