Lisa Cross

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Lisa Cross is a molecular virologist in the Food Safety group at Cefas Weymouth laboratory, UK. She has >18 years molecular microbiology experience, the initial four being based at Cefas Weymouth as part of her doctoral studies on ‘The Development and Application of Quantitative Methods for Norovirus Detection in Sewage Effluents and Seawater’. In addition, Lisa has spent >12 years as a Senior Specialist Healthcare Scientist within Public Health England (PHE), focusing on the identification of suitable genetic markers for pathogens of key public health significance. Whilst at PHE, Lisa provided specialist molecular research expertise on a number of projects centring on the development of clinical diagnostic assays and typing schemes. Recently Lisa has gained substantial experience within the field of Next Generation Sequencing for the whole genome analysis of bacteria and viruses. Within Cefas Weymouth, she is also a member of the European Union Reference Laboratory, responsible for research into and routine monitoring of enteric viruses in shellfish and other environmental samples.