James McDonald

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James McDonald is Lecturer in Environmental Microbiology at Bangor University, and specializes in the application of molecular biological, genomic and metagenomic technologies to characterise microbial communities. He has 10 y of microbiological research experience. He worked on a DEFRA funded project characterising the diversity and distribution of Shiga-toxigenic E. coli (STEC) and their bacteriophages on dairy farms, in addition to the development of high-throughput bacteriophage screening methods and viral metagenomics to detect and study Stx bacteriophages. Current work includes genomic analysis of bacterial pathogens of oak trees and metagenomic and metatranscriptomic analysis of microbiomes associated with Acute Oak Decline. He is an investigator on several large projects (EU, UKWIR, NERC) and PhDs investigating the fate of viral pathogens in the coastal zone involving the validation and application of molecular methods.