Bangor Science Festival – ‘Hidden Worlds’

VIRAQUA participated in the Bangor Science Festival on March 11th 2017, hosted by Bangor University as part of British Science Week.  We had several ‘hands on’ activities on offer including pathogen painting and bugs in bivalves which we used to explain what a virus was, how they can move through the environment and how these might be accumulated within shellfish.  The stand offered a wide range of information for families to research professionals who have an interest in the project about the project background, aims and what we have achieved so far, available bilingually and on information sheets to take away.  The event was very well attended with over 1100 attendees participating in the festival.  We also used the event as an opportunity for project collaboration and invited Jennifer Holden, lead researcher on the RESERVOIRS project to come and join in the day’s activities.  The RESERVOIRS project, based at The University of Warwick is also water based and is investigating the drivers of antimicrobial resistance within the Thames catchment, fitted in perfectly with the ‘Hidden Worlds’ theme.  Participants whom engaged in our activities were presented a ‘Young Microbiologist’ certificate from both the projects, and evidence suggests that one is never too old to be a young microbiologist.